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Did you know....

Save Main has supporters all over the country. Here is a comment we recently received from one of them, who has spent over 33 years in real estate development, urban planning, economic development, and community development. He has three masters degrees, one of which is in urban design, and another in city planning. He now runs one of the country's first "social impact real estate" development companies, in Denver, Colorado. He writes:

"Keep up the good work of promoting the correct kind of economic development that will preserve the urban fabric of downtown Glen Ellyn while allowing financial viability of the commercial district. If the character of downtown is lost, then its very branding as a village and as a downtown commercial/retail corridor also will be lost. There are many place-based strategies and smart growth avenues that could be applied in GE to ensure long-term economic viability without allowing the likes of mammoth developments that fail to recognize and respect their surrounding massing scale and urban design.
I was recently back in GE for my GBW high school reunion in Sept. I purposely spent time downtown and on Main Street to study the scale, character, and design of existing buildings in the vicinity of the proposed Apex 400 development. As an urban planner, economic developer, and real estate developer, I again affirm the view that this project should never been approved nor allowed height variances. Not only is the proposed building out of scale with the existing surroundings, but as designed it will create more parking problems than it solves, and its height will cause such a shadow over that section of Main Street during most of the day for winter months that it will not allow ice and snow to melt on the street and sidewalks from solar exposure.
This project should be defeated, and the developer should withdraw the project in its present form. Until that happens, keep up the SAVE MAIN fight, and help GE to grow properly and responsively. Thank you!"

If you agree, and you'd like to help us fund our legal efforts, please donate here:

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WHAT: Save Main Fundraiser - Glen Ellyn Get Together
WHERE: 498 Hillside Ave (Scooter Bay Parking Lot) - At Ground Zero
WHEN: Friday, November 29th, from 3:00-6:00pm – in advance of the tree lighting ceremony.Join us at "Ground Zero" for a little holiday cheer on your way to Glen Ellyn's annual Christmas tree lighting! We'll be selling hot chocolate and coffee "to go", along with some other great items. We'll have lights and music under a big tent and offer you a chance to see the Apex site first hand from the Scooter Bay parking lot just west of the Giesche site. Save Mainers will be on hand to update you on our legal efforts.

Watch for more information to come. We hope to see you for a festive gathering Thanksgiving weekend.

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In The News:

The Patch headline is inaccurate.   

The lawsuit is not over. There are at least two substantive counts remaining that will be heard in early November. We remain strongly committed to this effort.

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The Presentations from our "Save Main" Rally on Saturday April 6th, 2019

IN CASE you missed the "SAVE MAIN" RALLY this morning. We recorded it. - SATURDAY APRIL 6, 2019 - Watch the Presentations.For more Information go to: https://savemainge.orgTo DONATE to the cause: https://www.gofundme.com/SAVEMAIN

Posted by Save Main on Saturday, April 6, 2019

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Save Main Flyer March 24th 2019

Save Main Flyer March 24th 2019

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Save Main newsletter—Volume 1, Issue 1 March 2019

Ways You Can Help The Fight:

"Action Steps" - That you can do to help stop the Apex 400 Development.

* Attend Village Board, Planning Commission, and Village Board Workshop Meetings.
- We will post all meeting dates and times on our facebook page as well as well as at: https://savemainge.org/upcoming-meetings/
Packing the audience, and making your voice heard is very important.
* Call or Write the Village Staff, Village President, and Village Trustees.
- The more they hear from you, the more they will have to listen to the residents.
* Put a "Save Main" sign in your yard.
- Show your support with a "Save Main" Yard sign. Request one on our "Save Main" website:
* Donate to the cause.
- If you are able to Donate any amount to our gofundme page: https://www.gofundme.com/SAVEMAIN
Every dollar raised helps in the cause.

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